Slant bed CNC lathe factory design concept:

  • Human: conform to the workers operating habits
  • Green energy saving: saving electricity is a big advantage of our slant bed CNC lathe
  • Stability: after long-term use of machine tool, the precision will not drop a lot
  • High precision: scientific structural design and the choice of accessories, ensuring high-precision machine tools.
  • Low noise: noise in line with national standards, comfortable to use, easy to maintain.

Slant bed CNC lathe comprehensive overview:

This series of slant bed CNC lathe is my company independent research and development of high speed precision CNC lathe, lathe bed has certain gradient, chip easily, small footprint. In the actual machining process, greatly shorten the work time, improve the processing efficiency, to know the chip removal ability in the process of machine tool is very important. We in all aspects of the design is optimized and the original fittings choose is very strict. Slant bed CNC lathe is suitable for processing ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and some non-metallic parts axial and the plate parts inside and outside the cylinder, conical surface, circular arc surface, end, grooving, all kinds of screw thread (male inch thread, taper thread, taper thread and end face), drilling, reaming, boring, chamfering process such as cutting, especially suitable for high speed precision processing.
In order to meet different users use habits, reduce the training costs, this series of CNC vertical lathe can be equipped with numerical control system, the domestic systems such as fanuc CNC, Kane emperor, guangzhou, etc., foreign import system, such as: FUNUC, Siemens, mitsubishi, etc. We choose the numerical control system is of reliable performance, good stability.

Slant bed CNC lathe parts Advantages:

  • Spindle: this widget performance had a great influence on precision of machine tools, especially when high-speed rotation of the spindle radial and axial runout, we choose adopt bearing spindle assembly is of high quality and have good rigidity and damping, the stiffness and speed of the spindle overall fitness is very good also. Ensure good rotation accuracy and has good accuracy retention. Spindle is high precision hole type spindle unit, USES the import of large diameter precision bearing arrangement, good rigidity, high precision, using imported grease lubrication, assembly under constant temperature, purifying environment, and through the precision of static balance test, can guarantee the spindle smooth operation, under the AC motor driver, has good stiffness and low speed high torque.
  • Monolithic high strength cast iron bed:Companies selected foundry manufacturers are well-known veteran or a listed company, the overall bed than the average bed has sufficient rigidity, good vibration absorption and thermal stability, slant bed CNC machine tools to withstand large loads, using resin sand casting, precision casting surface than ordinary casting high, uniform and stable internal structure, good quality, small damping effectively reduces the uneven movement that is low speed creeping phenomenon.
  • Lubrication system:Slant bed CNC lathe adopts centralized lubrication system, through the reasonable right layout can make each lubrication point for lubrication of the machine tool, through the CNC system control to ensure oil supply in time, can adjust the supply of oil and time, extend the service life of the machine tools and precision.
  • High precision linear guide:Linear guide is due to rolling friction, the friction coefficient is very low, running speed, great rigidity, bearing load is bigger. Less wear and tear, long time use precision is high. Able to withstand a load to a pressure in all directions. Not happen skid, high positioning accuracy.
  • Taiwan ball screw:High speed rotation is good to control temperature, effectively reduce the heat source, avoid thermal deformation, long service life, high precision, at the same time using tensile structure in the design, improve the positioning precision of the slant bed CNC lathe. Good dynamic response and eliminates the low-speed crawling, has good accuracy retention.
  • Taiwan ten station hydraulic tool post:Dividing parallel CAM indexing mechanism adopts the design, as a new type of intermittent motion mechanism, compact structure, reliable working, accurate segmentation Angle, tool change fast. Rotating hydraulic motor drive the knife, large torque and smooth, have chosen to the nearest knife function at the same time.
  • Chain automatic chip removal device:In the slant bed CNC lathe machining process, iron processing is a very important part, handled well can enhance the overall processing efficiency and greatly shorten the processing time, slant bed CNC lathe uses a high quality chip conveyor chain plate, waste transfer crumbs to crumb car, compact bump design, can effectively prevent debris attached, in addition to increasing the capacity of chips, stable and quiet.

CNC lathe manufacturer of professional history:


The creation of history, the company founder first dream is to manufacture high-precision stable machining equipment to provide customers with convenience, to create profits, customer profitability, we can survive, the company’s development will always give top priority to the interests of customers, product innovation and progress.
Staff concept, I was careful to make the best products, the product is responsible for me, this is the mission of each of our employees, we like you respect their work and products.
processing equipment, with the continuous expansion of production scale, the company through the purchase or manufacture of research and development of more high-precision machining equipment to meet their production needs, and expand the production efficiency.
Quality control technology, the introduction of advanced technology and quality inspection equipment to ensure that each factory only product tested artificial system, but also to go through the actual inspection and testing equipment to ensure that the factory will be fine.

CNC lathe Customer Rating:

1. The stability of the machine, CNC lathe their stability is very good, I spent a long time and still maintain the original accuracy or deviation is small, then I know that they are casting after aging treatment, they would have six months or even a year in advance for later cast in there.
2. The machine tool service, their service attitude is very good, by plane from China to me, to help solve the problem, repair CNC lathes, very responsible staff.