CNC Turn Mill Centers TFA-8S

TFA-8S cnc turn milling combo machine can be used for a variety of workpiece, such as the shaft, plate and other parts of the outer circle, end face, thread turning, radial and axial various surface milling, drilling and other processing processes, suitable for small parts of the efficient processing and manufacturing. X, Y, Z, C axis Servo-control semi-closed loop type oblique bed Machine milling complex, the structure and dimensions of compact and reasonable, spindle (c axis) for servo motor drive.

Reasons you want to choose it
A good tool to help you create value
● A variety of functions of a machine tool:
Lathe, milling, drill presses, drilling and tapping centers, engraving mill
● Processing a variety of parts in large quantities
● It can be equipped with automatic up and down material, has high processing efficiency.
● High precision, stable and reliable


Case of TFA-8S Processing:

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Specifications Units TFA-8S
Max.swing over bed mm 450
Max. Swing over cross slide mm 130
Max. Processing length mm 450
Cross slide length mm 780
Lathe bed straucture 30° integral inclined lathe
Distance between cross slide and spindle axis mm 80
Spindle nose A2-5
Spindle (C axis )speed range R/min 50-4500
Spindle bore mm 56mm
Bar capacity mm 45mm
Spindle (C Axis)motor kw 7.5
Milling head (side)4 (nose)4
Milling head power kw 2.3
Milling head speed R/min 3000
Distance of each milling head mm 60
X axis travel mm 500
Z axis trave mm 450
Y axis trave mm 240
Turret type 8 station hydraulic turret,4+4 milling head
X rapid traverse Mm/min 24000
Z rapid traverse Mm/min 24000
Y rapid traverse Mm/min 15000
X/Z axis positioning accuracy mm 0.006
X/Z axis repositioning accuracy mm 0.003
Spindle (C axis)dividing positioning accuracy mm 0.02’’(70 arc-seond)
Spindle (C axis)dividing repositioning accuracy mm 0.006’’(20 arc-seond)
Machine dimension(LxWxH) mm 2500x1800x1800
Net weight Kg 3000

Main structural features

  1. The whole base, sliding seat, supporting plate, spindle box and other major basic components are the use of high rigidity cast iron structure, in the base of the internal distribution of reinforcement, through a number of procedures to eliminate stress, so that the base has a higher structural strength and stable dimensional accuracy. The sliding seat is a box type structure, which guarantees the high rigidity and flexural damping performance of the foundation parts, and the base part adopts the resin sand molding and the aging treatment to ensure the stability of the machine tool’s long-term use accuracy, which provides the guarantee for the stability of the machine tool performance.
  2. X, Y, Z Guide rail for Taiwan or imported high-quality rolling linear guide, with automatic forced lubrication, to achieve high-speed machine tool movement;
  3. X, Y, Z feed shaft using Taiwan or imported high-precision high precision ball screws, feed speed high; drive motor through the elastic coupling and the lead screw straight, feed servo motor directly to the high precision ball screw, no back clearance, to ensure the positioning accuracy of the machine tool;
  4. Adopt brand high speed, high precision, high rigidity spindle unit, axial and radial bearing capacity is strong, rotate speed is high, temperature rises small.
  5. Adopt hydraulic chuck or chuck clamping workpiece, clamping precision, high processing efficiency;
  6. X, Y, Z-square guide rails, screws are used in stainless steel internal protection airtight protection, to ensure that the screw and guide the cleaning, to ensure that the machine tool transmission and movement accuracy;
  7. Power head can be flexible configuration, configuration side to 4 power head, end to 4 power head. Easy milling in two directions, drilling, the speed of each power head is consistent;
  8. The external protection of machine tools using the full closed structure design, safe and reliable;
  9. The use of centralized automatic lubrication device, timing, quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable work, 10, the machine is easy to operate, flexible and quick;

Standard configuration:

  1. CNC system GSK988T
  2. X/ZAxis servo: GSK servo motor and drive;
  3. Y axis (vertical): GSKservo motor and drive;
  4. A axis (lateral): GSK servo motor and drive;
  5. B shaft (end): GSKservo motor and drive;
  6. Spindle (c-axis) Motor: GSK5kw servo motor and drive,
  7. x/z screw with Taiwan 4010-c3 ball screws,
  8. x/z line rail with Taiwan30 line rail;
  9. Spindle: Sleeve spindle is equipped with NTN or Nachi spindle bearing;
  10. Spindle clamping Mode: 42 barrel chuck, optional Taiwan Jia He 6 “hydraulic three claw chuck;”
  11. Rotary Oil Cylinder: Taiwanoriginal oil cylinder;
  12. Lead Screw BEARING: NTN or Nachi ball screw bearing;
  13. Turret: Taiwan’s six-Xin 8-station hydraulic turret;
  14. Power head: Side 4 end 4 with y-axis power head;
  15. Optional: Oil bath feeder, automatic feeding machine, feeder, Chip machine, manipulator, Taiwanhydraulic chuck.
Full cover sheet metal cover
Hydraulic clamp
Hydraulic station
Power head
Brake rigging
Cutting fluid cooling device
Automatic lubricating device
Working light
Instruction manual

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