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Double Cylinder Hydraulic Shop Press

TPS series hydraulic press can assemble, dismantle, straightening, pressing, stretching, bending, punching and so on. The series adopts the combination of Italian CNK and CBZ oil pump, which is combined with oil supply, which is more than 60% energy saving compared with traditional hydraulic press. Increase efficiency 2-3 times;It has small volume, high pressure, simple structure and light weight.The table can be moved up and down, which greatly expands the height of the machine and makes it easier to use.

MODEL TPS-200 TPS-300 TPS-400 TPS-500 TPS-630
CAPACITY ( KN) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6300
PRESSURE (MPa) 31.5 31.5 31.5 31.5 31.5
TRAVEL (mm) 300+405 300+405 300+405 300+405 400+405
TABLE SIZE ( mm ) 980 x 500 700×1200 800×1200 900×1200 1000×1200
DIMENSION (mm) 1940 x 950 x 2350 2100x950x2700 2300×1000 x 2900 2300×1000 x 2900 2300×1200 x 2900
900 x 800×1060 1100x1200x1350 1100x1200x1360 1100x1200x1350 1100x1200x1350
WEITHT (KG) 2200 4200 5500 6500 9500

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