How to find a reliable and suitable supplier of machine tool in China

Machine tool is a common processing equipment used in the metalworking processes like turning, cutting, drilling, forging, milling and so on. There is a saying machine tool is the mother of industry. So machine tool plays important role in the development of the world.
China has been factory of the world for many years, so when you have a need of conventional lathe machine or machine tool, maybe you will have the idea of importing processing equipment from China. But there are so many suppliers of machine tool in China, including trading company or manufacturer, you will find them on various B2B platform and google searching. Then you will lost yourself. The problem coming—How to find a reliable and suitable supplier of machine tool in China.
Trust is the key for business, we need establish trust step by step. First you need to know which place is main manufacturer located, you will find many machine tool manufacturers located in Zhejiang province, Shandong province and Jiangsu province.
Take Shandong province for instance, there are many suppliers here, If you want to import from here, you should make a research of manufacturer in this place. Choose some company you interested, you need more information about suppliers you care about, certificate, web, photo, video, all info can prove the supplier is reliable. Also from the guy you talking, you can find how the situation of this company. Trust established, the key point you care not just price, but also quality, production capacity, delivery, payment, professionalism, the ability of the sales you communicate and so on. More info you know about the company, more trust. Also, factory audit is a good way to know a company if you want build a long cooperation, you need a business visiting now.
So in conclusion, you need pay attention to the person (employer and employee), the company, the product.

(1)The person of the company you interested:

As we know, the person is the key point of cooperation and business. The attitude of employer determines development strategy and goal of the company, the trend of the product, the attitude of employees. In the communication, you can find the trait. You just choose the guy in some points: they can realize you requests carefully, quick action, fluent communication, more experiences in trading, give professional suggestion, show strength and differentiation, honest and sincerity, responsibility, teamwork.
Just remember you are cooperation with person. You must choose a man who is responsible and reliable, you cost saved. Especially, when the business and product have problems, what they do and how they do.

(2)About the company:

The company must have a perfect management system, supplier control, production control, quality control, after-sales service and so on. You can get these info from internet, communication with them and factory visiting.

(3) Product (machine tool)

Involves the product: machine tool. Some points you must clear.

You must know what you needs, according to the size of workpieces, you choose the suitable machine, the type(manual control or CNC control), size, power and others. If you purchase machine tool, you can give you real needs to the supplier, they can give you professional suggestion. Just like manual machine, the Max. swing over bed, Max. turning diameter over carriage, Max. length of workpiece, distance between centers, spindle bore, chuck diameter.

The precision and durability of precision are the keys for any machine tool, so the material used, the production control are very important.

Every business need time and cost to build the cooperation, you must have plans and know you needs. There are many suppliers in China you can choose. Which one is suitable for you. You must spent you time and cost to check. Especially you want a long time cooperation, there many works you need do.