Metal band sawing machine is a kind of sawing equipment which used saw blade as cutting tool and applied in the cutting of metal material. It is mainly used for sawing of metal including carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, special alloy steel and stainless steel, acid resistant steel etc, also used for sawing of non-metallic materials. A variety of shapes of material can be sawed like round, square, tubes and various profiles.

Sawing machine is a outstanding energy saving, materials saving and high efficient cutting equipment as the narrow ban saw used. FITMEC can supply many kinds metal band sawing machine according to your needs. Welcome to contact us for choosing suitable machine for you, pleasure to help you.


Why choose metal cutting band saw machine:

  1. To meet the needs of stepless speed and easy cutting, speed is controlled by hydraulic system.
  2. Compared with other structures, the stability of the double column structure is high. The sawing beam can be lifted vertically, higher precision.
  3. Because of a new way of fixed of workpiece, it is very convenient for the worker controlling the tighten of metal through the hydraulic system.
  4. We have optimized the designing and using of the guide block, the life of the saw blade extended and cost-saved for you.


According to the structure:
metal bandsaw machines are divided into vertical machines and horizontal machines, horizontal bandsaw machine is divided into scissors, double column and single column types band sawing machine.

According to the power used:
manual machines and one of the most widely used is the double-column metal bandsaw machine, which has high cutting accuracy, high efficiency and long life.

One of the most widely used is the double-column metal saw machine, which has high cutting accuracy, high efficiency and long life.


The main parts of bandsaw machine:

Metal band sawing machine is composed of sawing machine bed, main drive system, electrical systems, clamping device, sawing frame, guide device, length control device, feeding device, lifting cylinder, cooling system, hydraulic system and so on.

  1.  Sawing machine bed: Sawing machine bed, welded box-type structure, is mainly used to support other parts and hydraulic oil reservoir inside.
  2. Main drive system: The main drive system consists of worm gear reducer, driving wheel, pulley and so on. The worm gear reducer adopts the direct connection with the driving wheel, and the transmission is smooth. To meet the needs of sawing of different material, the speed of driving wheel is controlled by adjustment of the belt.
  3. Clamping device: Clamped by the hydraulic vise, the workpiece is clamped by the jaw plate driven by hydraulic cylinder. Clamping jaw is a single and screw cylinder structure.
  4. Sawing frame: Sawing frame is a bow-shaped structure, which divided into left and right saw box, beam. It is welded by a reasonable group of ribs with high quality steel plate, welding stress eliminated and re-distribution.
  5. Guide device: The guide device is divided into active guide arm and fixed guide arm. The top and side of the guide seat are made of hard alloy.  To ensure the stability of the guide and extend the service life of the saw blade, the machine have pre-guided arm device.
  1. Lifting cylinder: This machine use double column structure. To avoid over positioning, the lift of sawing frame driven by cylinder, the bottom of the cylinder hinged, also make the movement more stability.
  2. Saw blade tensioning device: Tensioner is on the left of the saw frame. The tensioner or loosen of saw blade is driven by the rotation of screw rod.
  3. Cooling system: Cooling system is used for extending the service life of saw blade and ensure precision. Cooling points are divided into left and right guide arm.
  4. Hydraulic system: Hydraulic system consists of an independent hydraulic station, mainly including fuel tank, hydraulic motor, oil pump, speed control valve, a number of solenoid valves and others.

Band saw safety rules:

  1. The operator and maintainer must be trained professionally, with skilled operation and maintenance. The operator should keep concentration when working.
  2. If you need to change the speed, stop the machine first and open protective cover, change the belt at the slot of the required speed.
  3. Adjust the guide arm along the dovetail rail according to the size of material, guide device must be locked after adjustment.
  4. Adjustment of scrap wire brush should keep the wire contact with the saw blade teeth, but do not exceed the root of the tooth, pay attention to whether the wire brush can remove all iron filings.
  5. The max diameter of material shall not exceed the provisions, the workpiece must be clamped firmly.
  6. The elastic of saw blade, speed and feed rate should be appropriate.
  7. Cast iron, copper, aluminum parts do not need cutting write liquid, others material need.
  8. If the saw blade is fractured when working, after replace the new blade, the workpiece must turn over and re-sawing.
  9. The operator should not leave the post when cutting.
  10. Cut off the power after working, open the protective cover, clear all swarf, make a good daily maintenance and cleaning.