Fitmec has over 30 years history in the production of manual lathes. Rich manufacturing experiences make us better satisfy all you requirements of accuracy, power and efficiency. If the below lathes don’t meet you needs, please contact us directly, hope to help you.

LT500 Manual Lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 500mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 – 4000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80/105mm
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LT660 Manual Lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 660mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 -4000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80/105mm
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LT360D Manual Lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 360mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750/1000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52mm
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LT320 Manual Lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 320mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750mm
  • Spindle Bore : 30/40 mm
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LT400 Manual Lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 400mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 – 4000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80mm
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LT800 Manual Lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 800mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 -4000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80/105mm
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How we improve the wear resistance and service life of conventional lathe machine tools:

  1. Depth of quenching of lathe bed rail is 4mm
  2. Cycloid pump is used on lathe head box, forced circulation lubrication make sure the cleanliness of the head box and heat dissipation.
  3. The gear is grinded precisely, the hardness improved, noise of machine reduced.
  4. Wire mother on screw use the high quality bronze alloy to guarantee the wear resistance and the accuracy retention.
  5. Four station high strength tool rest is adopted, handle size: 25x25mm.

How we ensure the accuracy and stability of the machine tool:

  1. Hand scraping on lathe head box, lathe bed, tailstock, pallet and other combinations.
  2. All lathes use high-strength cast iron, copper and chromium special materials added.
  3. Bed rail width: 400mm.

The application and structure of manual engine lathe machine:

Manual lathe, as a versatile horizontal lathe machine, is widely used in the batch processing of variety of shaft and disk part, like the turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, conical surface and other rotating surfaces, turning various metric, imperial, modulus and pitch thread, drilling and pulling oil groove, etc. One of the most important industrial machine tools.

The main components of manual lathe are:
spindle box, feed box, slide box, lathe tool holder, tail frame, light bar, screw and lathe bed.
Spindle box: the main motor power is transferred to the spindle and the feed box through the belt and gear. The change of revolving speed and direction of rotation are realized by different combination of gears.
Feed box: there are gear box in the feed box, which control screw rotation to drive the lathe tool holder.
Slide box: operation of the feed movement of the lathe, rotary motion will be converted to the linear motion of the lathe tool holder.
Lathe Tool holder: cutting tool can be clamped, the tool will be fixed in a certain direction and position when the workpiece is machined.
Screw and light bar: Connection of the feed box and the saddle box, transfer the power and movement from feed box to saddle box, make saddle box to obtain a longitudinal linear motion. Screw is designed to turn a variety of thread, light bar used in the turning of surface of other workpiece.
Lathe bed: the main part of the lathe, other components are installed on the bed.

The main parameters you pay attention when you choose a manual conventional lathe:

Swinging diameter: The diameter of the outer arc when the workpiece is fixed on the chuck for rotational movement. Precision of the workpiece: roundness, roughness, accuracy are direct reflection of the quality of lathes. Fitmec’s manual lathe, roundness is .. roughness is.
The total thread processing range:
Processing range of Fitmec’s manual lathe: metric thread, 44 types of 1-192mm, modulus thread 39 types of 0.25-48mm, inch thread 21 types of 2-24 teeth / inch, diameter section thread 37 types of 1-96dp.
Machining length: Fitmec can supply lathe machine in the maximum length of the workpiece from 750mm to 4000mm.
Lathe weight: the overall weight is also a reference of one lathe machine
Lathe dimensions: Make clear the size of engine lathe machines you need when you purchase.