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Hydraulic press machine:

CAPAClTY(ton): 20-100
PRESSURE (MPa): 25/31.5
TRAVEL ( mm): 300/400
TABLE SIZE ( mm ): 400×300-500 x 800

CAPACITY(ton): 20-10000
PRESSURE(MPa): 25-30
TRAVEL(mm): 400-600
TABLE SIZE(mm): 360 x 400- 800×1200

CAPACITY(ton): 20-200
PRESSURE(MPa): 25-30
TRAVEL(mm): 400-600
TABLE SIZE(mm): 360 x 400-800×1200

CAPACITY(ton): 10-50
PRESSURE (MPa): 20-60
TRAVEL (mm): 180-450
TABLE SIZE(mm): 200 x 300-360 x 680

CAPACITY(ton): 200-630
PRESSURE (MPa): 31.5
TRAVEL (mm): 300+405 400+405
TABLE SIZE(mm): 980 x 500-1000×1200

CAPACITY(ton): 20-200
PRESSURE(MPa): 25-30
TABLE SIZE(mm): 360 x 400-800×1200

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    Hydraulic press machine supplier – Manufacturer outlets

    TPS Series Hydraulic Press can assemble, disassemble, straightening, calendering, pressing, stretching, bending and punching of machine parts.  Each hydraulic press from Tsinfa Cnc equipment combines an industry-leading design with a thick, fully-welded steel plate frame. We build every hydraulic press to provide fine control and to save you time and effort—throughout many years of productivity.

    Ranging from 10 to 10000 tons in capacity, our shop presses will handle all the force you can throw at them. Choose a hydraulic shop press (for added power) or a pneumatic shop press (air-powered, typically with lighter capacities)  or hand operated h-frame shop press.

    We can customize according to your request, for example, enlarge the workbench, let the worktable move, add two cylinders and so on.

    A Tsinfa hydraulic workshop press includes, among other features:

    • Actually realize one machine to use more.
    • This series uses the Italian cnk and the CBZ oil pump two pumps to combine the oil, compared with the traditional hydraulic machine energy saving more than 60%the efficiency increases 2-3 times.
    • Has the small volume, the pressure is high, the structure is simple, the weight is light.
    • Worktable can move up and down, greatly expanding the machine opening and closing height, more convenient to use.

    Questions? Give us a call at +86-135-6111-0690, and talk to one of our expert reps. You can also fill out our contact form.