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Radial Drilling Machine THZ3080

The spindle box can move around the rocker arm, and the drilling machine with the rocker arm around the vertical column is around 180 degrees. The rocker arm can also be lifted up and down along the outer column to adapt to the workpieces of different heights. The rocker drilling machine is widely used in single and small batch production of workpieces with large volume and weight. It is suitable for boilers, bridges, locomotives and vehicles, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries.

Mechanical/Hydraulic type Radial Drilling Machine
● Mechanical/Hydraulic  transmission
● Mechanical/Hydraulic  clamping
● Mechanical/Hydraulic  speed
● Electrical machinery double insurance
● Headstock level automatically fast forward

Specification THZ3080×25/I THZ3080×16/I THZ3080×20/I THZ3080×25A THZ3080×20A
Max. drilling diameter (mm) 80 80 80 80 80
Distance between spindle axis and column  mm 630-2620 570-1718 630-2120 550-1600 550-1600
Spindle box level moving distance (mm) 1990 1148 1490
Distance between spindle nose and

working surface of base plate mm

295-1400 195-1210 295-1400 500-2500 450-2000
Radial lifting distance (mm) 655 615 655
Radial lifting speed (m/mm) 1.36 1.36 1.36
Radial rotation Angle (°)° ±180° ±180° ±180° ±180° ±180°
Spindle taper(morse) MT6 MT6 MT6 MT6 MT6
Range of spindle speeds r.p.m 20-900 20-900 20-900 20-1600 20-1600
Number of spindle speeds 12STEP 12STEP 12STEP 16STEP 16STEP
r.p.m rang of spindle feeds 0.06-0.53 0.06-0.53 0.06-0.53 0.04 -3.2 0.04 -3.2
Steps of spindle feeds 8STEP 8STEP 8STEP 16STEP 16STEP
Spindle travel mm 400 400 400 400 400
Spindle peak torque (kw/mm) 160 160 160
Spindle max. feed resistance (N) 35000 35000 35000
Main motor kw 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Weight kg 10500 3900 7000 11000 7500
Overall dimensions  mm 3380×1450×3350 2500×1060×2655 2880×1250×3350 3500×1450×3300 2980×1250×3300

Main structure:

Radial drilling machine is mainly composed of base, inner column, outer column, rocker arm, spindle box and worktable. The inner column is fixed at one end of the base, and the outer column is sheathed outside, and the outer column can rotate 360 degrees around the inner column. One end of the rocker arm is a sleeve, which is set to move up and down the outer column. Because the screw and the outer pillar are connected together, and the lifting nut is fixed on the rocker arm, the rocker arm cannot rotate around the outer column, and can only be rotated with the outer column. The spindle box is a compound part, which is composed of main drive motor, spindle and spindle transmission mechanism, feed and speed changing mechanism, and operation mechanism of machine tool. The spindle box is mounted on the horizontal guide rail of the rocker arm and can be operated by the Handwheel to move along the rocker arm in the horizontal guide rail.

Motion form:

When processing, by the special tightening device will be fastened to the spindle box on the rocker arm guide, the outside column fastening inside the column, the rocker arm fastening on the outer column, and then drilling processing.
When drilling, the bit is rotated and the side is vertically advanced, the movement is as follows:

(1) The main movement of the radial drilling machine is the rotational motion of the spindle
(2) The longitudinal feed motion of the spindle
(3) auxiliary movement is: The rocker arm moves vertically along the outer column, and the spindle box moves along the direction of the rocker arm length, The rotary motion of the rocker arm and the outer column around the inner column.


  1. The use of hydraulic preselection transmission mechanism can save the auxiliary time.
  2. Spindle positive and negative turn, parking (braking), variable speed, empty files and other movements, with a handle control, light manipulation.
  3. Spindle box, rocker arm, inside and outside the cylinder using the hydraulic driven diamond-shaped block clamping mechanism, clamping reliable.
  4. Rocker-Arm guide, outer cylindrical surface, spindle, spindle sleeve and inner and outer column Rotary Raceway are all quenched, which can keep the stability of machine tool precision for a long time and prolong the service life.
  5. Have perfect safety protection device and outer pillar protection.
  6. In the structural design and in the manufacturing process, also took a series of effective measures to make the precision of the machine tool durability and the life of the whole machine is a large extension.

Standard Accessories

1.Box shape worktable

2.Taper Sleeve

3.Tool releasing wrench


5.Eyelet bolts

Optional Accessories:

1.Quick change chuck

2.Tapping Chuck

3.Grease Gun

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