Vertical Milling Machine V425A

Vertical knee-type milling machine is a general purpose machine which can be used in wide range. Mounted with face, cylindrical, side, bevel and formed milling cutters, the machine is suitable to process flat, inclined surface, slots and gears on miscellaneous work pieces. Equipped with optional accessories, such as rotary table and dividing head, machine can be applicable to versatile processing. It is an ideal machine tool for machining process, maintenance, instrument, die and moulds.

Machine Characteristics
● Hardened and ground slide ways ensure high accuracy.
● With high motor power and wide range speed, machine adapts to high speed cutting when using hard alloy cutters.
● With gear transmission in machine body and lifting platform, the machine is rigid enough to bear heavy duty processing.
● Complete coolant and lubrication system.
● DRO equipment is optional.

Specifications Units V425A
Table size mm 425X2000
Numbers,width distance between T – slot mm 3X18X100
Max. longitudinal travel mm 1180  (manual 1200)
Max. cross travel mm 400 (manual 410)
Max. vertical travel mm 460  (manual 450)
Vertical spindle to worktable mm 40-490
Swivel angle of the vertical milling head degree ±45°
Distance from vertical spindle to column surface mm 450
Spindle quill stroke mm 90
Milling head spindle taper taper 7:24  ISO50
Maximum workpiece weight kg 800
Milling Head spindle speed grade steps 20
Milling head spindle speed range rpm 18-1400
Grade of the work-table feeds steps 15
Range of feed speeds mm/min 10-1250
Longitudinal, cross
Range of feed speeds vertical mm/min 2.5-315
Speed of rapid travels mm/min 3200
Longitudinal, cross
Speed of rapid travels vertical mm/min 800
Main drive motor kw 11
Main motor speed rpm 1460
Feed motor kw 3
Feed motor speed rpm 1420
Coolant pump w 125
Net weight kg 5500
Overall dimensions(L W H) mm 2435X2600X2500
Packing Size mm 2230X2100X2250

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