Universal Milling Machine CNC Control XK6150SH

1. The layout of the whole machine adopts the ram lifting structure, the ram is used for lateral movement, and the lifting platform is used for longitudinal and lifting movement.
2. Configure the universal milling head to realize the universal machining of the vertical, horizontal and front hemispheres.
3. Double auxiliary guide columns are arranged in front of the lifting platform, and the distance between the double guide columns is large, which improves the stability of the whole machine.
4. Configure the CNC system to machine parts with complex contours and cavities.
5. The spindle is driven by servo motor, combined with high and low gear shifting, stepless speed regulation in the gear, wide constant power range, high low speed torque, good mechanical characteristics and convenient operation.
6. It can be processed by multiple processes such as milling, boring and drilling, and is widely used in various machining fields and teaching experiments.

Name Unit XK6150HS XK6260HS
Table size mm 500×1650 600×2000
T Slot   5-18-80 5-18-100
Distance from spindle nose to table min mm 80 100
max mm 580 630
Table travel Y axis mm 650 650
Z axis mm 500 530
X axis mm 1300 1500
Spindle taper   7:24,50 7:24,50
Spindle speed range range rpm 10~1600 10~1600
rank   2 ,stepless 2 , stepless
X、Y、Z Feed range m/min  2 2
X、Y、Z rapid movement m/min 6/6/4 6/6/4
Main motor power kw 7.5(11) 11
X、Y、Z  Motor Torque Nm 15 15
positioning accuracy mm ±0.02/300 ±0.02/300
Repetitive positioning accuracy    mm ±0.01/300 ±0.01/300
Machine weight T 4.2 5.5
Max Load weight Kg 800 1000

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