Universal Rotary Head Milling Machine Model WN636CL

1.Driven by servo motor;
2.Table automatic feed on X,Y,Z;
3.Automatic rapid feed X,Y,Z.
4.Rotary table can be ordered at special request;
5.ISO 50 spindle taper;
6.Milling head can swivel 360 degree;
7.The work table can swivel ±45 degree;
8.High spindle speed;
9.Powerful main motor.

Specifications Unit WN636 WN636C WN636CL
Table size mm 1325×360 1600×360
Table travel (X/Y/Z) mm 750/320/460 1100/320/450 1300/320/450
Table feed(X/Y/Z) mm/min 30~750/20~500/15~375
Spindle taper 7:24 IS050 (H)       7:24 IS050 (V)
Arm travel mm 550
Distance between spindle nose and table surface mm 196-656 196-646
Distance between horizontal nose and table surface mm 20-480 20-470
Distance between spindle axis and arm surface mm 200
Spindle speed range r.p.m 12steps 60-1750 (V)            12steps 60-1800 (H)
T-slots(NO./width/pitch) mm 3/18/80
Main motor power Kw 5.5 (H)  4 (V)
3 to feed Ac servo motor torque N.m 10
Overall size mm 1800×2100 2245×2100 2520×2100
×2000 ×2000 ×2000
Net weight kg 2685 2750 2800

Table 3 axes with ball screws, high precision

Table feeding with 3 separate servo motors, variable speeds, not interfere each other,high reliability,easy to operate

Mechanical change speeds in head stock, powerful milling

Table with an extra supporting column, big load, high accuracy

It can mill any angle surface through front half-sphere by swivelling milling head

Standard accessory:

Iterm Model Quanlity
7:24 middle cover 7:24 ISO50/MS4 1
Horizontal arbor assembly 27 1
Horizontal arbor assembly 32 1
Drawbar M24 2
Double-ended wrench S22-24 1
Double-ended wrench S17-19 1
Double-ended wrench S36-41 1
Inner hexagonal wrench 5 1
Inner hexagonal wrench 10 1
Inner hexagonal wrench 14 1
QB13 Series Machine vice 160mm 1
sleeve M24 1
Washer M24 1
Iso 50 sets milling chuck 7:24 ISO50  4\5\6\8\10\12\14\16 1
Taper shanl sets milling cutter arbor 7:24 ISO50-32
Operation manual 1
The packing list 1
certification 1
EP100 series servo drive manual 1

Optional accessory:

1.3-axis DRO(SINO)
2.LED work light
3. Aluminum arm for DRO

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