turret milling machine

Universal Turret Milling Machine

The machine can be used both for vertical milling and horizontal milling, with corresponding attachments.Cylinder mill, round piece mill, shape mill and end mill can be installed on the conical hole of main pivot of the machine, which is suitable for processing plane surface, oblique plane, groove, hole, gear of all kinds of samll , medium parts. User can select universal dividing head to process groove of thread It is the ideal machining equipment for the industries of mechanic manufacture, mould, automobiles and motorcycles.

● Machine frame features heavy ribbing and torsional rigidity
● Wide. Rigid, hardened guide ways ensure maximum stability and constant accuracy
● All gears and shafts are hardened and ground
● All electric components are made by leading manufacturers
● Automatic feeds and rapid feeds on all 3 axes
● The control panel is mounted on a swivel boom for optimum positioning
● Central lubrication for low-maintenance operation

Specification Unit XTR36WA XTR36 XTR32WA XTR32C XTR25W
Table size mm 1630X360 1250X360 1250X320 1250X320 1270X260
Numbers,width distance between T – slot mm 3X18X80 3X18X80 3X14X70 3X14X70 3X14X63
Max. longitudinal travel mm 900 1000 600 800 700
Max. cross travel mm 300 300 340 300 280
Max. vertical travel mm 350 350 400 300 390
Travel of Arm mm 500 500  / 400 /
Vertical spindle to worktable mm 135-485 / 100-500 / 100-490
Horizontal spindle to worktable mm 0-350 0-350 0-400 0-300 0-390
Max. rotary angle of table degree ±45 /  / / /
Level spindle taper taper ISO50 ISO50 ISO40 ISO40 ISO40
Milling head spindle taper taper ISO40 ISO40 ISO40 ISO40 NT40
level spindle speed grade steps 12 12 12 12 12
level spindle speed range rpm 60-1800 60-1800 40-1300 40-1300 40-1300
Milling Head spindle speed grade steps 20 16 16 16 16
milling head spindle speed range rpm 60-4660 75-3500 80-5400 75-3500 80-5400
Grade of the work-table feeds steps 6 8 8 8 8
Range of feed speeds longitudinal,cross, vertical mm/min 30-630 22-555 22-555 22-555 18-480
Speed of rapid travels longitudinal, cross, vertical mm/min 2000 555 555 555 480
Milling head spindle drive motor kw 3.7 5HP 3HP 5HP 3HP
level spindle drive motor kw 4 4 3 2.2 3
Feed motor kw 1.5 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Coolant pump w 40 40 40 40 40
Overall dimensions(L W H) mm 1770X2080X1980 1770X1830X1980  1520x1630x2200  1820x1520x2270 1655x1650x2300
Packing Size mm 2000X2080X2250 2000X1660X2250 1550X1770X2200 1550X1550X2200 1550X1650X2200

Spindle part:
Adopt forging, processing, tempering, quenching treatment. The material adopts 40CR strength and high durability. The use of P5-grade Harbin diagonal bearing precision high performance stability.

The gears are processed by heat treatment and fine grinding. High precision, durability, low noise, has 12 variable speed to meet the needs of different materials processing. And the gearbox can be moved back and forth so that the machining range of machine tool can be enlarged.

Column Bed body part:
The running part of ht250-300 cast iron is a large square rail which is higher than the tail type in rigidity and precision. And all use quenching treatment to achieve hrc40-50 between wear-resistant. can also be used in accordance with the needs of customers abroad wear-resistant plastic paste lightweight flexible and convenient. Horizontal shaft speed is usually up to 200 rpm to meet the processing needs. Can be used with brackets and horizontal milling cutter to process some groove and other processes of processing.

Quality grinding screws, nuts for 10-1 tin bronze.

grinding gear, surface hardening Treatment.

The use of square rails, quenching treatment, strong rigidity, durable. The guide surface has been hardened to reach hrc38-42. The hardness of the worktable reaches between hrc40-50.

Standard Accessories

1 Turret  Milling Machine 1
2 Drill chuck 3-16mm 1
3 Mill chuck
4 Machine vice 160 1
5 Wrench S22-24 1
6 Inner-hexagonal spanner 5, 10 1
7 Horizontal Milling Hilt 2
8 Draw Bar 2
9 Operation Manual 1

Optional Accessories

1. DRO
2. Power Feed

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