Who we are

  • Founded in 2005 in Tengzhou city, Shandong province, China

  • Supply reliable machine tool with high precision and stability
  • 30 professional and technical personnel
  • High-end quality testing equipment
  • Export for many years
  • Energy-saving, high-efficient and appropriate

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Our main products

Fitmec CNC machine tools specialists - Energy efficient

Conventional lathe

  • Max .Swing over bed: 500mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 - 3000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80/105mm
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Metal Cutting Bandsaw

  • Max .Swing over bed: 500mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 - 3000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80/105mm
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Pneumatic Forging Hammer

  • Dropping weight (kg): 6 - 2000
  • Striking frequency (/min): 248 - 80
  • Height of working area (mm): 100 - 1000
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Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine

  • Max .Swing over bed: 500mm
  • Dist. Between Centres : 750 - 3000mm
  • Spindle Bore : 52/80/105mm
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CNC Slant Bed Lathe Machine

  • Bed incline: 30-60°
  • Cutting length : 580 - 960mm
  • Spindle Bore : 55-87mm
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CNC Vertical Machine

  • Max. Turning diameter: 1600-6300mm
  • Max. Weight of work piece : 5-40T
  • Main power : 30-75kw
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See how we produce cnc lathe---- Our workshop actual shooting

Let me introduce how to produce the CNC lathe Machine. High quality processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of spare parts and then to ensure the accuracy and stability of CNC lathe.

  • Many bare engine are waiting for the next step.
  • Improved inspection system can ensure the quality.
  • After inspect ok the machine it will enter into next step.
  • Many finished CNC Lathe Machine.
  • Waitting for the final checking.
  • If the quality is ok will be package.
  • Large Boring and milling machine
  • The value is about ten millions .
  • It also can guarantee the quality of producing large vertical machien and other large work pieces.
  • Painting workshop
  • Our Machine is painting by ourself up to customer’s requirement
  • Finished headstock. Processing by our professional equipment at one time.
  • Assembly after inspecting ok by QC
  • Many casting iron parts.
  • These castings are the most important part of the machine.
  • Will be used after artificial aging treatment and vibration aging treatment.

High precision hudraulic turret

High precision and speed, drive by oil pressure motor.

High precision hudraulic turret

Our machine with 10-station and 12-station hydraulic turret,Parallel cam design, accurate segmentation, fast speed of changing tools. The cutter rotation is drive by oil pressure motor, the torque is large and smooth.

Integral casting, stability

High strength, good stability, use for Slant bed lathe.

Integral casting

High strength, good stability. Slant bed lathe using integral cast iron to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine and also every casting is treated by artificial aging and vibration aging.

High precision hydraulic chuck

High rigid structure and high precision

High precision hydraulic chuck

Worktable are processing by hardened and precision grinding and lubricate directly. High rigid structure and high precision to ensure safety and protect workpiece.

High precision lead screw

Precision grinding, precision assembly

High precision lead screw

All with precision grinding, precision assembly and test to ensure the moving accuracy and repositioning accuracy.Three point support structure is used to ensure the stability and precision of the lead screw

How we ensure quality

Through rigorous testing before each device factory.

  • Three-coordinates measuring machine
  • It can accurately measure the size, shape and tolerance of the CNC lathe.
  • Renishaw laser interferometer
  • For the maintenance and error compensation, it can does improve the performance of the machine, each machine is tested before leaving the factory to ensure the accuracy of the machine.
  • Large floor boring and milling
  • strong processing capacity to ensure product parts supply
  • Self paint shop
  • can be customized according to customer requirements color

What people like you say

Our customer reviews

The bed width of Horizontal CNC lathe machine is 400 which is widly than I bought from China before. However the price did not increase. and stability and precision is also very good. combined surface of sliding plate and guideway through the manual scraping and plastic processing with more wear-resistant. Great Tsinfa!
Tsinfa‘s vertical CNC lathe machine is a good choice with high quality, especially it is saving power it means it will be saving a lot cost, your factory is a good manufacuter with reasonable price and high quality. Tsinfa’s customer service is very responsible, enthusiastic, help me deal with a lot of problems, thank you very much!
Mr. Danilo manzano


- Mr. Denny Lozenko (Russia)


- Mr. Elchin Askerov(Azerbaijan)